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DNA Profiles

Uncover Your Entrepreneur DNA Profile

Working with social scientists, we analyzed the assessment scores for successful founders. The majority of these founders fit into nine main 'personality profiles'.

The Achiever

The Achiever simply refuses to lose, and will work night and day to ensure that they don't.

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is blessed with an inherent business sense and instinct, and leverages these skills across all facets.

The Architect

With thoughtful planning and disciplined thinking, Architects have a natural ability to execute on great visions.

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Our Methodology

Decoding the DNA

Great companies start with great people, so the Founder Institute has been researching the personality traits that correlate with building great companies since 2009.

To date, over 180,000 people have applied, and over 7,000 companies have been launched through FI programs.

Psychographic Testing

Rather than subjectively judging startup ideas, the admissions criteria for the FI accelerator is an online battery of tests that quantifies the greatest variable in startup success: the founder(s).

Pre-Seed Accelerator

Accepted founders join an intense 4-month accelerator to launch a startup. Each week they get ratings on their progress from peers, program leaders, and experienced mentors.

Track Market Performance

After graduation, the FI Portfolio Support team continues rating the founders on their company performance 'in the real world', with all data fed back into the weighting of the assessment.

Analyze and Calibrate

Through a flow of continous data, regression analysis from PhDs, and frequent test updates, FI has built and can maintain a statistically validated test for identifying the highest potential entrepreneurs.

What Others Say About the Assessment

  • The Founder Institute appears to have developed an assessment that any population, any city, university, or country could use to determine who among them has the best shot at succeeding as an entrepreneur.

    Aaron Patzer
    Founder of mint.com
  • Entrepreneurial success? Yes, there's a test for that.

    Kelly Hoey
    Contributor, Inc. Magazine
  • Founder Institute's research confirms: it's all in the head!

    Thomas R. Eisenmann
    Professor, Harvard Business School
  • The Founder Institute's Predictive Admissions Test also pinpoints the behaviors and characteristics that virtually guarantee an entrepreneur will fail.

    Jason Akeny
    Senior Writer, Entrepreneur Magazine
  • The Entrepreneur DNA Assessment by Founder Institute delves deep into your entrepreneurial makeup, offering insights that are as enlightening as they are empowering. It's like a passport to exploring your entrepreneurial soul!

    Sarneva Fullard
    CEO and Co-founder of Stealth Startup
  • Discover how your strengths & weaknesses stack up with those of successful founders using the Founder Institute's Entrepreneur DNA Assessment. Found out I was a 'Hustler' and I own the same sunglasses😎 as my profile's character image. I would be friends with that pink starburst of personality.

    Ashley F.
    Humanitarian Technologist
  • Through the entrepreneur DNA lens, I realized that I was always looking for opportunities to apply new technical and soft skills I learned to solve interesting new problems, which is the definition of innovation. This insight allowed me to embrace my natural tendency.

    Terry Xu
    Founder of Stealth

An Online, Fun Experience

This is not your typical "test". The DNA Assessment is designed to be easy to use, and fun! See for yourself with the quick preview below.

Select two statements: one statement that is most like you, and one statement that is least like you
I'll put in more effort than most to achieve something
I am confident in my talent and abilities
I know how to connect with lots of different people
I'll put in more effort than most to achieve something
I am confident in my talent and abilities
I know how to connect with lots of different people
The Sequence

Below is a sequence of shapes, with one shape missing (noted with a red question mark).

Select the Solution

To complete The Sequence to the left, pick the appropriate shape from the options below!

Assessment Part 1: Personality Questions

The Assessment begins with a series of questions designed to identify your unique personality traits. There are no 'wrong answers'!

Assessment Part 2: Puzzles

Nice job! After the personality questions, you'll be presented with a series of puzzles designed to identify your ability to match patterns and think logically.
Incorrect Answer

Sorry, you selected the wrong shape. Want to give it another try?

During the actual Assessment, we won't tell you if your answer is correct or incorrect - you will just move on to the next puzzle.
Nice job!

When you finish the Assessment, you'll immediately get your Entrepreneur DNA report.

Please note that your answers did not impact the Sample Report, this is just a demo for illustrative purposes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The DNA Assessment was built by clinical psychologists and data scientists, utilizing peer-reviewed research and the latest social-science best practices. Learn more on our Methodology page.

The Assessment has been professionally translated into Spanish and Portuguese. However, the English version is written at a third grade reading level and has no colloquialisms or slang, so the Assessment can still be taken using Google Translate.

We will not share your test results. Your anonymized test results may be used to improve the test, but that's it.